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TV Time - The Penguins of Madagascar S01E11 - Crown Fools (TVShow Time)

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Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Discover events in: United States change location. Piffbreak Arcade is a 4 piece band from Toronto, Ontario. Their infusion of rock, hip-hop, and punk rock meld together to stylistically create the sound that is PBA. Chris was playing in a few projects at the time and recruited Chad to complete the band as it presently constituted. Kowalski types on his Spell and Speak. Skipper and Marlene are seen playing Chess.

King Julien can be heard yelling in the background. Maurice : Angrily You! You did this!

Skipper : Removing his headphones What? Maurice : You Skipper : I know, I know. I take full responsibility. Skipper looks at Marlene. Skipper : Well, ninety percent. Marlene : Whoa, whoa. I said have fun, I did not say go nuts. Skipper : Right. I should not have corkscrewed; shame on me. Maurice growls in anger Maurice : Grrr!

Maurice storms out of the penguins' HQ. Marlene : Maurice, it was all in fun! Come on, bring it in, bring it in. After Maurice angrily slams the door on his way out, Marlene and the penguins huddle up and discuss their course of action. Sound like a plan? Skipper : Proudly That does sound like a plan, Marlene.

Gentlemen, commence operation, "give the furry crybaby his bottle".

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King Julien is seen with a piece of tape over his mouth. Owe owe owe! Angrily How am I supposed to be kingly without a crown? It is the proof of my kingliness. King Julien : Sadly But the old crown and I have been through so much together. King Julien puts his new crown on and looks at himself in a mirror.

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King Julien : It is puffy and complicated… Mort : Like meeeee? King Julien begins to float away. King Julien : Mm-muh-Maurice! Maurice jumps and tries to grab King Julien, but misses and lands on Mort, crushing him. Marlene jumps up and holds onto Julien. Marlene : I got ya!

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She falls onto Mort, crushing him again. Marlene : To a walky-talky Uh hey Skipper. King Julien : Oh it did fly, too much. The penguins are seen descending into the sewer on a rope. Skipper is talking into a walky-talky. The penguins slide down a tunnel when Skipper asks Rico for a flashlight. Skipper : Rico. Rico regurgitates a flashlight with a little spit on it and hands it to Private. Skipper : Private, hold the flashlight.

Private gingerly grabs the flashlight from Rico, carefully avoiding the spit on it.

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You three wait here. Skipper begins walking forward. Skipper : Denied, Private. I corkscrewed us into this… I go solo. Skipper slides past the barrier and the others follow and cut him off.