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For those who hope to grow fruits or vegetables in their garden, having nearby pollinators, such as domesticated bees, is necessary for flowers to set fruit on plants. You do not need to have several acres of apple orchard to keep bees.

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You just need a little planning to ensure you have adequate food resources available for your hive. New Orleans agriculture, plants, and wildflowers depend on pollination from bees. Thus, the fall season is the perfect time to plant and make your garden landscape a bee-friendly environment.

You can add a variety of plants that bloom at different times throughout the year, especially during the months from February to October when bees are most active. When planning your garden, the main objective is to create a peaceful and relaxing setting where you can enjoy your landscape design. At the same time, you can arrange plants where it is easy to observe the visiting bees.

You can place taller shrubs or plants in the back and shorter plants in the front for a better view from all sides.

Create a Relaxing Haven in Your Least Comfortable Rooms

For example, in the spring, you could include:. Summer offerings are somewhat different.

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In Creating a Haven of Peace, our good friend Joanne Miller offers some great practical ideas for creating genuine, God-honoring peace under your roof. Sharon and Dave Ramsey. We want our grandchildren to experience that treasure. We are using her book to transform our home.

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Diane and Ken Davis, motivational speaker, author of Fully Alive. And not just to family or house guests. She creates a haven of peace, love, acceptance, and fun wherever she goes. In her home. At her events. On her property. Out and about.

Budget to Create a Home Meditation Haven

Wherever she is. The world needs this message. The world needs this book. Gail Hyatt, artist and speaker.

Creating A Whitetail Haven: Food Plots, Trees, and Warm Season Grasses

This book will be a go-to resource for me as I strive to continue to improve my relationships and lead others in doing the same. Nick Pavlidis, Confessions of a Terrible Husband.

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Joanne Miller — August 25, That action depends a lot on finding motivation. How can you actually do things around your home? When I was a newlywed, I learned a very important life lesson from my mentor, Jacque.

Besides majoring in the majors, another approach works like a wonder — not just in homemaking, but in every area of life. But first, consider your own home. What projects have you wanted to do — but are stalled? What are you waiting and wanting to do? The secret to actually getting things done is not only found in motivation, but it also has everything to do with setting goals.

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  2. When it comes to creating a haven, what lessons have you learned from your parents or grandparents?!
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  6. That process includes finding time to do the work and actually working toward your goal. Make sure you appreciate your success, but also keep setting goals to keep you motivated.