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But was the West truly like this?

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Read below and find out some strange but true facts about life in the Wild West. Outlaws were famous back in the Wild West for their toughness and deep, manly voices.

". . . That’s the Way It’s Been, Homer—i’ve Spent My Whole Life Waiting and Hoping That Some Day Yo

Some were a little vain, such as Jesse James, who left self-aggrandising notes detailing his accomplishments at his crime scenes. Billy the Kid boasted and inflated his achievements — he killed only four people in his career but encouraged the rumors that he had killed twenty. Wild Bill, who looked tough, actually had a lisp and got fired for talking like a girl. Even though none of the movies have ever depicted cowboys riding camels, they may have done so in the Old West. For a time the southwestern United States was home to feral camels thanks to the US military and government.

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It was an army experiment to breed them and use them in the baking hot areas of the southwest, where horses and mules struggled with arid conditions. The feral camels bred in the wild and were spotted until living in inhospitable areas of Texas. A cartoon caricature of Wyatt Earp after the Sharkey-Fitzimmons fight.

Dodge was one of these places and the famous battle at OK Corral was about Wyatt Earp trying to enforce that law. The second most common reason for being arrested back in the true Wild West was illegal possession of a firearm. The cowboy, the quintessential symbol of the American frontier, circa Cowboys, we are led to believe, were rugged, gun-slinging tough men.

They would have been tough, for sure, but life in the Old West required this of everybody. Cowboys were often illiterate and worked dirty, difficult jobs. They got drunk on their days off, started fights, and often ended up in jail for long stretches of time. Unlike the depiction in Western films of prostitutes as misunderstood and misled girls with hearts of gold, the true experience of prostitution in the Wild West was one of trauma and degradation.

As an added cruelty, local newspapers had a habit of naming and shaming the women. Suicide and addictions were high among frontier prostitutes. Brothels themselves were nearly impossible to escape as the owners made sure that the girls competed with each other and ate very little. They were places where women with no other choices ended up.

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Hollywood and its cowboy movies often had only white tough guys forming posses or farming the land. Rarely do they ever suggest the ethnic diversity that was actually present in the Wild West, which was populated by people from around the world. He hired a housekeeper, and when he left for work at 5 a.

I was never one of those kids who wished their parents would get back together. I struggled with relationships with both of them individually, with insecurity in my role as a child of divorce, and with tiptoeing around them both while stuck in the middle between them.

I know a lot of kids go through their parents getting a divorce, but when I look back on that time, I feel shocked that I made it, that my siblings did. For a long time now, I have brushed off the stigma of having divorced parents. But this morning, at 24 years old, I sat at the dining room table of the house I rent with my husband, and I remembered the feelings of finding out what divorce meant for my family, how I would be separated from my mom, and in turn, my sister. Remembered what it was like to feel alone, responsible for myself and my brother, and afraid. She enjoys reading and writing Creative Nonfiction.

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She currently lives in the Cleveland area and is working toward a career in editing and writing. Expanding the voices of women with the Wesleyan Tradition. We are women. Pastors, mothers, authors, recovering addicts, teachers,. The Way It's Always Been. February 22, Shelbi Tedeschi.

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